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Empowering Women To Overcome, Learn And Strive To Be The Best They Can Be In Their Community

Community Empowerment Training In Blackburn


Nurturing the Community Through Education, Support and Guidance 

We are a community organisation that is committed to increasing the quality of life for women in the North West of England. Our purpose is to improve mental health and encourage social inclusion by fostering community links, running educational courses and coordinating local events. We are located in Blackburn and also provide an outreach service to reach vulnerable and disenfranchised women in the community.

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 Community Empowerment Training  in Blackburn and Manchester




Life Skills Programmes

At the Empower Women’s Group, we provide a number of workshops and classes to help women develop valuable skills that can come in useful at home, in the workplace or in day to day life. All of our courses are run by experts in their field and we aim to nurture those skills that will add real benefit to people’s lives.


Interview Skills/Job Ready Advice

Assistance for those looking and applying for jobs.

IT Skills

Help for women who want to improve their ability to use the internet and other computer programmes.

English Classes

Our English classes aid women who want to progress their English.


Food Hygiene and Healthy Living

Those women who make food at home for the community or those who wish to work in the food sector, will need the right certification which we can provide.

Skills for Life

The skills we teach include how to get a bus, making a doctor appointment and many other essential skills to help those women who are marginalized in the community.





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Community Empowerment Training in Blackburn

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Well-Being Programmes

We understand that the key to a balanced life is also looking after the body and we provide a number of courses to promote health, happiness and welfare. All of the classes we offer are taught by experienced practitioners, who are more than happy to support all levels of student from beginner to experienced. 



Yoga can help improve metabolism, flexibility and strength, it is a great recreational activity to improve the body.


Massage/Indian Head Massage

Learning this activity will aid relaxation and help de-stress the mind.



This is another class that will aid rest and relaxation.


Sewing Classes

Sewing is a productive hobby that can fight depression and anxiety.

Dementia, Alzheimer’s and ADHD Training and Assistance

If you have loved ones who are experiencing dementia, Alzheimer’s or ADHD, we run classes that will provide knowledge and understanding to help you navigate these, sometimes challenging conditions 






Who We Work With

 Community Empowerment Training  in Blackburn and Manchester


Those who work in the NHS and corporate sector can benefit from learning about marginalized groups in the community and various mental health issues


 BAME Women

Our support is geared towards those who are new to the United Kingdom, who feel excluded and need assistance in day to day activities.


 Women with Mental Health Conditions

We also aim to support and assist those with mental health issues to help manage their conditions and improve wellbeing.





We also understand the importance of bringing people together and hope to encourage inclusivity in the community by running regular events in and around the North West of England. The events we coordinate are always for a good cause and it is through these that we hope to raise awareness of mental health issues, improve cultural understanding and encourage community cohesion.

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 Community Empowerment Training  in Blackburn and Manchester Community Empowerment Training  in Blackburn and Manchester

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